We do only one thing and we do it right!

We only specialize on Project Management Professional (PMP) certification provided by Professional Management Institute (PMI).


1. Because, STAR-PM provides most economical. comprehensive, and effective PMP Exam training for people who want to pass the PMP exam.

2. Because, STAR-PM provides most up-to-date material aligned with the current Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

3. Because, you can find all the information in the STAR-PM study material required to pass the PMP Exam.

4. Because, we guarantee for the PMP In-Class Training courses. If you do not pass the exam, you will get your money back you paid for the course.

5. Because, our sample questions are just like the real exam questions.

6. Because, our study materials are written by actual PMP top scorers.

7. Because, our study materials are written in simple language.

8. Because, STAR-PM teaches not only exam material but also the PMP test. We also provide you with the HOW to learn this large quantity material.

9. Because, STAR-PM sample questions are in the exact PMP Exam format, you wont be confused with other types of formats such as true/false, or drag and drop questions.

10. Because, we teach you memory retention techniques.

11. Because, we not only provide you the material but also we help you absorb the material. We dont leave you to fend for yourself.

12. Because, we provide an organized and systematic approach.

13. Because, we cover all PMBOK Guide concepts.

14. Because, our training course material is explained with;

- No confusing words,
- No long paragraphs,
- Tables,
- Figures,
- Simple, easy to understand language
- Examples
- Memory triggers
- Practice exercises

15. Because, our mission is to MAKE YOU PASS PMP EXAM ON YOUR FIRST TRY.

Here is our difference!...

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Up to date


Most economical and effective




Material written by PMP certifiers

Teaches the test as well as the test material


Sample questions are exactly in the real exam format


Helps you to learn the material


Uses easy to understand language


Focuses on only PMP Exam not other certifications


Organized and systematic approach


Provides source for other certifications


Provides customer support