Q.1. What is the PMP Exam?
A.1. PMP stands for Project Management Professional certification. This is an exam offered by PMI (Project Management Institute) for individuals in the project management domain. There are over 325,000 certified PMPs in 200 countries.

What is required to get PMP certified?

r Educational requirements

r Experiential requirements

r Agree to and adhere to PMI Code of Professional Conduct

r Passing the PMP Certification Examination

Q.3. What is educational requirements to be eligible for PMP Exam?
A.3.The candidate should have attended at least 35 hours of class room training on Project Management.

Q.4. What is experiential requirements to be eligible for PMP Exam?
A.4. Minimum of 4500 hours of project management experience covering the 5 process groups, if the candidate holds a baccalaureate or equivalent university degree at the time of the application.

Minimum of 7500 hours of project management experience covering the 5 process groups, if the candidate holds a high school diploma or equivalent secondary school credential at the time of the application.

Q.5. What score is required to pass the PMP Exam?
A.5. PMI made a decision in 2006 to no more publish passing scores for its exams. In 2007, PMI also removed all quantitative elements from the post-exam review for test candidates. The passing score is estimated inside a range between 61% and 75%.

Q.6. How many questions are there in the exam? How much time do I get?
A.6. The exam has 200 multiple choice questions. Each question has exactly one correct answer. You will get 4 hours to answer these questions. 25 pretest questions will be randomly placed throughout the new examination to gather statistical information on the performance of these questions in order to determine whether they may be used on future examinations. These 25 pretest items are included in the 200-question examination, but will not be included in the pass/fail determination; candidates will be scored on 175 questions.

Q.7. How much does it cost to take the exam?
A.7. It is highly recommended that you become PMI member prior to signing up to take the test. The membership fee is $129 and application can be submitted online at www.pmi.org. If you are a PMI member, the exam fee is $405, for non-members, the exam fee is $555. Becoming a PMI member will not cost you anything, and you will gain PMI membership privileges.

Q.8. How do I apply for the PMP Exam?
A.8. PMI has an online application for certification. More information regarding applying for the exam online is available at PMIís website at www.pmi.org. The PMP Credential Handbook is also available in PDF format on the PMI website.

Q.9. What is application audit?
A.9. PMI states that all eligible applications are subject for audit. Upon successful completion of the audit, candidates will be able to sit for the PMP examination. Submission of an application indicates agreement to comply with audit terms. Please be advised, that while the selection process for the audit is primarily random, PMI does reserve the right to manually select any candidate to be audited at any time, including after the credential has been bestowed. Candidates who are selected for audit will receive an e-mail notification from PMI with detailed information on how to comply with the terms of the audit.

Q.10. Do you have any tips for the exam?
A.10. The first 15 minutes, you will be asked to go over a tutorial. 15 minutes to review tutorial is not included 4 hours exam duration. Reviewing tutorial approximately takes 5 minutes. You can use 10 minutes of this time to jot down formulas, all processes, and knowledge areas on your scratch paper as you did in ĎExam Cheating Sheet Workbookí. Donít skip this step. During the exam, you need to focus on the question instead of trying to remember formulas. You can just refer to the written formulas when those questions arise rather than having to reach into your memory during the stress of a timed exam.

Q.11. How much time does it take to prepare for the PMP certification exam?
A.11. It depends on how much experience you have as a project manager, how familiar are you with PMI's terminology. However, you should expect to spend at least two months spending two to three hours per day before you take the exam.

Q.12. What are the benefits of becoming PMP certified to an individual?

r Increases your value to your organization

r Increases your marketability

r Professional/personal recognition

r Provides advancement in your field

r Demonstrated ability to meet standardized and recognized project management body of knowledge

r Raises customer confidence in you and your companyís services

Q.13. What is allowed inside the exam?
A.13. You are not allowed to take anything except your ID in the exam. Inside the examination center you will be provided with scratch papers, pencils, a calculator and an ear plug.

Q.14. Am I allowed to take breaks during the exam?
A.14. Yes, you are allowed to take breaks. You can drink or eat during your breaks. However, donít forget that whatever time you take, the clock still ticks on your exam.

Q.15. What services STAR-PM provide?
A.15. STAR-PM membership program offers you to access to STAR-PM Study material. For information and details, please click here.

Q.16. What does STAR-PM membership include? Can you explain?
A.16. 6 months STAR-PM membership access to online PMP Course including all STAR-PM Study material. You will also receive support for your questions with regards to STAR-PM Course material and PMP Exam through e-mail from the author of the PMP Study Book. For more information, please click here.

Q.17. How does your online course fulfills 35 hour PMP training requirement?
A.17. After you are done with your study based on the STAR-PM study material provided in the member area, you need to let us know so that we send you 100 test questions and answers. Once you are done with the test, we will issue a certificate and transcript saying that you completed our course material.

Q.18. Will PMI accept 35 hour PMP training given by you? How do you guarantee?
A.18. The 35 hours of training credential provided by us is recognized by PMI. We provided our 35 hours of training certification to many students so far and they took their exam and became PMP by showing our 35 hours of training. Our guarantee to you, if PMI does not recognize 35 hours of training certification provided by us, we will reimburse the course fee ($99).

Q.19. Can your online study material be printed and used as a hard copy?
A.19. The material can be downloaded and printed. Therefore, you donít have to be online to study. You can study whenever and wherever you want.

Q.20. You have mentioned that after I complete my study based on STAR-PM study material, I need to let you know. Is there a login time and logout time calculated? Based on which you calculate the hours? Or I need to send an email to you informing that I have completed the study?
A.20. No, there is no a login time and logout time calculated. This is a 5 day regular course schedule with 7 hours a day. So, in the transcript, we will indicate the study plan for 5 days. You need to send us an e-mail informing that you have completed the study.

Q.21. You have mentioned that once I communicate that I have done with my STAR-PM study, you would send me the questions and answers. Once done with the test, will you issue a transcript?
A.21. Yes, correct.

Q.22. Is this an online test or do you send a file that contains questions and answers?
A.22. We will send you a PDF file that contains 100 question and answers. These are multiple choice questions just like in the real PMP Exam.

Q.23. Would my test result affect the certificate you will be giving me?
A.23. Your test result does not affect the certificate and it will not be included in the certificate. You will get the certificate indicating you completed the study no matter what.† There are two options that you can choice on how we deliver the answers of the questions.

 We can send you the questions and answers together. You test yourself. We don't need to know your result.

 We can send you the questions only. Then you send us your answers. We review your answers and give you the correct answers for the questions that you could not answer correctly. This way helps you to learn more from your mistakes.


Q.24. Do I need to study STAR-PM study material only for the 35 hours training requirement or books like PMBOK/Rita are also considered for the eligibility?
A.24. Books are not considered for the eligibility. It should be a monitored study. STAR-PM material with PMBOK would be sufficient for your preparation as long as you follow the study plan indicated in our material.

Q.25. If I register today when would I be receiving your training certificate?
A.25. If you register today, you receive a transcript and certificate after you complete studying our course material. The timing would be completely depending on your study. We send you certificate of course completion within 2 business days after we receive the notification from you.

Q.26. Would I need in-class training as well as studying your material?
A.26. In-class trainings are extremely expensive. If you will pay from your pocket, it is unnecessary. Self study with PMBOK and one book or online course would be sufficient.

Q.27. Is PMBOK sufficient for my preparation?
A.27. You should read PMBOK for the Exam for sure. However, only PMBOK itself is not sufficient. If you take a look at PMBOK, it is more like a dictionary, and provides only theory. There are also some concepts PMBOK does not cover although PMI includes those concepts in the PMP Exam. Therefore, in addition to PMBOK, you must study from another resource. It can be a course, or a book, or an online training.

Q.28. What is your recommended approach in terms of practicing sample PMP questions?
A.28. Start with the easy ones. Go through questions in order in the table provided in Sample Questions link. These are the best available questions we found and reviewed in the internet.

Q.29. There are tons of simulation test software and sample PMP questions in the market, carrying thousands of questions. My take is - 200 would take 4 hours and I do have not that much time to practice on thousands questions, also they carry questions since old trend, and majority of those questions are not followed in current trend of PMP exam. I feel if I practice and see all questions, I might confuse with right answer during exam. Please correct my above statement.
A.29. You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misleading questions/software out there that might confuse you. You can follow the approach we provided here.

Q.30. Would you suggest a simulation test [software] which has lesser number of questions but close to current trend, for me to practice?
A.30. The test does not have to be simulation or software. Please note that, the tests in software mode are very expensive because of the way it is presented. We prepared our test in a pdf format to keep our prices low.

Q.31. Based upon my sample test score when is the right time for me to actually write test?
A.31. If your score is about 80%, it is the right time for you to write the test. Please note that it also depends on the sample test you take. There are some tests out there, much more difficult than the actual exam. 

Q.32. What are the differences between the third edition and the fourth edition of the PMBOKģ Guide?
A.32 See our News page.

Q.33. What does your membership include;

 6 months membership

 All study material (16 chapters, Appendices)

 Exercises, Sample Questions, Expected Exam Questions (part of study material)

 Exam cheat sheet, tips, and tricks (part of study material)

 35 hour requirement

 Customer Support (from real people)

 Certificate and Transcript

 Customized Test Report based on your test results (optional)

 Recommendation at the end of your study

 Support from the author of the course material for your questions during your membership

 One-on-one coaching via e-mail from real people NOT from a voice recording

 You will also be able to download the course material and print them. You donít have to be online and you donít have to stick to the computer to study.


Q.34. How long it will take to get the user id and password after we signup?

A.34. After you sign up and we clear the transaction, you will receive your userid and password within 2 business days along with the instructions to log on the member page.

Q.35. In which way we need to make the payment?
A.35. The payments are made via PayPal (most secure payment option on the Internet). For sign up details, you can check Signup page.

Q.36. I am not sure how long my assignment going to be here. Will I be able to continue to use the same user ID and password after I move back to my country?

A.36. You can use your userID and password anytime anywhere in the world during your 6 months membership. Also, you can download the material and keep it in your computer.


Q.37. Can you pass some references who have already taken your training?
A.37. Please check our Testimonials page.

Q.38. Do I have to be physically present to attend the training and get 35 hour requirement
A.38. No, you donít have be physically present to attend the training and get 35 hour requirement. You will access to the material online. You will need to inform us via e-mail when you complete your study. We will send you 100 test questions. Once you are done with the sample questions, we will issue and send your certificate and transcript upon your request.

Q.39. How does 100% Pass Money Back Guarantee work? What are the terms and conditions?
Here are the steps and conditions for our guarantee.
Step 1 - Become our member.
Step 2 - Study with STAR-PMís material. You need to schedule your exam at least 2 months after you purchased our material or membership in order to be eligible for our guarantee.

Step 3 - Book your exam date and notify us with your exam date.
Step 4 - Take the exam.
Step 5 - If you donít pass the PMP Exam, send us your result. We will send your money with full refund. No questions asked. (P.S. Please note that, 10% of the payment will be cut for Paypal expenses)

Q.40. If I get the material from you, do I still need to get PMBOK material?
A.40. No matter what course you take or what book you study, you also need to study PMBOK and practice sample questions as much as you can. PMBOK is PMI's guidance book and can be obtained free from PMI by becoming PMI's member. Eventually, you will need to become PMI's member, when you register to take the PMP Exam. Therefore, obtaining PMBOK will not cost you any money.

However, PMBOK itself is not sufficient to pass the PMP exam. It is more like a dictionary and does not give practical tips and sample questions for the PMP Exam.  

We recommend our students to start with STAR-PMís material and then PMBOK, and then STAR-PMís material again. Because, the students are discouraged when they start with PMBOK and they give up to take the Exam. However, if you feel comfortable starting with PMBOK, that's fine too.

Q.41. Can the PMP Exam be taken on line?
A. 41. PMI (Project Management Institute) just offers PMP Exam as a computer-based exam at Testing Centers worldwide. They don't offer online exam. For details, you can check PMI's website. For the prometric test locations, you can go to the prometric website and search for the location near you.

Q.42. What would be the price if I only need study materials for PMP?
A.42. If you donít need 35 hour training requirement, you can receive the material including sample questions for only $69.

Q.43. What is the course all about?  You mention that it is online and self paced. Could you explain the course and how it is designed and suggested that we take it?  Do you offer coach support during the course or only if a candidate fails?
A.43. As a member of STAR-PM, you will have online access to PMP Course including all STAR-PM Study material. During your membership, you will also receive coach support for your questions with regards to STAR-PM Course material and PMP Exam via e-mail from the author of the PMP Exam Study Book. You will also receive 35 hour training certificate. You can also download and print the material for your offline reference. You can study anywhere (bus, train, or in your bed). You donít have to be online or in front of the computer to study. All of these for only $99.

Q.44. What is the total cost for the course and certification?
A.44. $99

Q.45. Where can I write the certification exam?
A.45. The PMP Certification Exam itself is done by Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI is the owner of this certification and provides the real exam. We provide the training for the preparation of the PMP Exam. For the location of the PMP Exams, you can get more information in PMI's website.   

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